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Tiny Hand
welcome ko / nun! ae it fai + any prns 15 mixed mex intp 4w5 gem libra leo, aroace unlabaled agender dyslexic. i reclaim beaner and spic.

interests minecraft mushrooms making carrds anime gorillaz's lore junji ito fairy grunge the star seekers the actual planet jupiter
ilike cats ♡ (tiger) beomie axolotls death note uzumaki evangelion soul eater noodle
yikes... school tomatoes quackity neg non beomies allocishets edgy wannabes
ccs quackity spreen gnf bonesduo tina emma and others
stan txt taegyu weeekly jiyoon en- loona stayc
others bibi sulli reol gorillaz babymetal adoy pink pantheress juniore

please tag gore sh nsfw
or nori
bad sad and mad - bibi

before u follow minor no carrd/info abt u no fb, sb not unf, i tweet in both spanish and english, i heavily rt sometimes, i live tweet, use all caps, i use faces like (:] XD :3) i keyboard smash, i use gifs, req ok if priv.

don't follow if under 11 or above 20 fit basic dfi/dni criteria invalidate neos xenos or pluris. sexualize minors/ppl u send/post gore anti any group radfem or supporter akgae u stan problematic cc's/artists toxic only genuinely shipp irl people u shipp incest and pedos map/nomap in leaktwt poppytwt break boundaries.

cr dublogia
if ly shows small pls zoom!